Benefits Of School ERP Software

School ERP is a paperless office automation solution for today’s modern schools. EduSys provides the facility to carry out all day to day activities of the school, making them fast, easy efficient and accurate. EduSys is a State-of-the-art institution management application which helps school manage convoluted functions such as fees, results, attendance, library, inventory, timetable, staff management, student management, notifications, documents, transport, smart Id card, certificate generation, online examination under one shell.

1)BETTER MANAGEMENT: From enrolment to graduation, It saves paper, time, and human resources by providing intuitive digital tools for registration, compliance, and the end-to-end organizing of student information. By simplifying back office operations, we allow your administrators to run their school more efficiently, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on student needs and growth.

2)DRIVE STUDENT GROWTH:  It empowers teachers and administrators to use real-time data insights and analysis to adjust instruction from the student to the school level. We help teachers to see where a student’s strengths and weaknesses lie, illustrating which areas or standards they haven’t mastered so that teachers can pinpoint growth real-time data to adjust instruction for students, classes, grades, and schools, building student engagement and driving growth.

It helps students understand their own learning: show them their progress, give real-time feedback and scores, and foster engagement in learning through content and assignments. Parents, meanwhile, benefit from transparency of their child’s assignments, scores, and grades, getting real-time insight into their child’s learning, growth, and weaknesses. As a result, parents can effectively support their children outside of the classroom.

3)TEACHER EMPOWERMENT: At powerSchool, our mission is to improve the K-12 education experience. We believe to do so we must start at the heart of education – our teachers. Providing the tools and technology needed for instructional improvement is necessary to maximize time spent in the classroom, allowing teachers to do what they are most passionate about – teaching and connecting with students.

4)PARENT ENGAGEMENT: Help parents with a suite of tools to monitor student progress and communicate with teachers. Real-time notifications alert parents to new grades and attendance as well as important class announcements and reminders. Interactive calendars provide a big-picture view of student workloads, meaning parents can help students stay on track and manage their time. Parents can easily access important documents like IEPs, and private communication channels enable one-on-one correspondence with teachers to discuss student progress and growth.

5) ALL EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION TYPES: We’re proud to offer solutions for all Institution types including:

  • Pre-School
  • School
  • College
  • Coaching centre.

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